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Gunsmith Services

Cobra Tactical Inc |28910 Avenue Penn 210ValenciaCA91355 | (661) 257-1406

Custom Builds & Repairs

Whether you're looking to repair your firearm or would like to modify your gun to suit your needs, Cobra Tactical Inc delivers full-service gunsmithing that will help you achieve your desired look and feel.

With a slew of in-stock parts and accessories, our expert craftsmen can build your vision from the ground up. From custom rifles to modified handguns, Cobra Tactical will deliver high-end customization services that will meet your practical and aesthetic needs.

We're also proud to be Cerakote Certified and can apply a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes to your firearm.

Cerakote Pricing

Simple - Single Color

-AR-15 Style Lower $110.00

-AR-15 Style Upper $110.00

-Pistol Single Color Slide - Frame and Barrel $230.00

-AR-15 Style Rifle/Carbine Lower/Upper/Handguard POR

-Each additional Color add $60

Graphics - These can be an excellent way to make your project stand out or simply make it your own. Some graphics are simple, while others are sure to make you stand out. We take an excruciating amount of time to digitally replicate client-provided artwork, and unfortunately, this can add to the budget. But, we do guarantee that the project will turn out amazing and exactly what you ordered, or we will work on it until it is right!

-Simple $20 - 60
-Complex POR

Camo Patterns

Woodland 4 Color (Think US Military Late 80's/Late 90's)
Woodland 3 Color (US Military Vehicles and Equipment)
Vietnam Tiger Stripe Camo 4 Color
Tiger Strip 3 Color
US Army - Scorpion
Army ACU - We Don't Do This

Themed Projects

American Flag
Pistol -POR
Rifle - POR
Other - POR
Spikes/Skull/Hog/Spartan etc.
Lower - 2 colors $220 to start
Lower plus Upper to match - POR
Star Wars - Boba Fett - POR

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